Want to start selling immediately? Start selling online now for $2 per day.

Don’t want to pay $$$$ thousands and wait weeks for a complex e-commerce system?
Our DIY e-commerce system has all of the features of a standard online shop plus you can manage it yourself.

Feel free to watch the video for more information about what a $2 per day online shop is all about.

Your online shop will have all of the features of a standard website, however you can manage it yourself – that means that you can alter it, add to it and build on it as much and as often as you choose, any time of day or night.

When you get started, it will only take around 20 minutes to complete the information we need from you and in 24 to 48 hours you will have a working website with 2 pre-built pages containing the information and logo that you provided us with. Plus an online shop to sell and display your products.

Once this is completed you will receive your personal log-in details that will allow you to access your site and edit the look and content of it as much as you want e.g. you can add pages; photo galleries or other additional functionality to create the website you want.

We will build your site using WordPress and WooCommerce, the most popular CMS teamed up with the most popular shopping cart system available. This means that you have ongoing access to a vast amount of free support, online communities, development and plug-in tools to help you develop and grow your site's capabilities as your needs change.

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However, should you need additional help or training to manage or develop your site further, we do offer a number of options including:

  • Our 4 week Bootcamp (ENLIST FREE!)
  • One on one or group training (Paid)
  • Access to a fabulous team of Web Developers and programmers who can do more difficult or timely tasks for you (quotes available on request click here)

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To get started

Start the process of getting your business online right now

  • Choose a Domain Name - If you haven't yet purchased a Domain Name then you will need to secure one. Our domain partner has a 'mate's rates' offer that will give you 2 years of premium business domain registration for $88.

Click Here >>.
If you already have a domain name, you will be able to let us know.

  • Select a Website Design Style
  • Send us your Content (sufficient text for two web pages plus your logo)
  • Send us 2 of your products (include the product name, description, images and price)
  • Provide us with your PayPal details
  • Choose your Email Address(es)

(e.g. info@yourdomainname.com.au)

  • Pay for your $2 Per Day Package

Complete Shop System

For an investment of just $2 a day you will get everything in the $1 day WebPackage plus:

  • Fully featured shopping cart website
  • Secure Payment System using PayPal and all trusted payment gateways such as Visa, Mastercard and all major Australian Banks
  • Customer database and checkout system that ensures the customer enjoys a simple, easy transaction process
  • Automatic Postage & Tax Calculations
  • An Advanced Search feature that allows customers to find the products they want
  • Coupons & Discount Codes that allow you to run specials and sales
  • Single page checkout for simplicity of use

Your Own Store

Once your new store is complete you will have:

  • Full access to your website - you will be able to fully self-manage, update and control the look and content of your site.
  • The ability to manage your shop’s inventory - export sales and stock reports
  • An Expandable and Upgradable store – you can add more pages, content and features as your business grows, plus you may have unlimited products and categories
  • 1 year hosting - your store will be hosted on cloud based servers up to 100GB storage
  • Up to 100 email addresses - you may have up to 100 different email addresses associated with your website with up to 100MB space
  • Ensure that you register for our next 4 week Website Bootcamp where you will be taught how to make all of the changes you want to make to your website. Enlist Here >>

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