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Website Bootcamp Podcast – Features– Ep 3

Welcome to Website Bootcamp Podcast – Features– Ep 3

This third episode of “Website Bootcamp Podcast” it is part of collection of content that is being created to help business owners run and manage their own websites.

Today podcast is on the topic of what features could have.

  • Sitemap and logical structure
  • Important and Critical Business Information
  • Your contact info (if it is appropriate)
  • Easy to use navigation (no more the 2 levels of dropdowns)
  • SSL certificate (if your collecting personal, private or sensitivity you need to use one.)
  • Social Media Integration (which site will you want to have a presence on)
  • Responsive design (is you site mobile or tablet friendly)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (saves you time and makes your clients happy)
  • No auto-starting of media – video or audio (EVER)
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