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Website Bootcamp Podcast – Building– Ep 4

Welcome to Website Bootcamp Podcast – Building– Ep 4

This forth episode of “Website Bootcamp Podcast” it is part of collection of content that is being created to help business owners run and manage their own websites.

  • This is not printing
  • 80% of your time should have been spent planning – this phase will only take 20% of your time.
  • Give visitors breathing room – more white space
  • Put in page titles first – starting with top level
  • Prepare your content :
    • images – if possible use your favourite photo editor to re-size the pictures before upload – we love Pixlr. Buy your photos from
    • audio- mp3 96k for voice, 128k for music and we also love the free Audacity editor
    • video – host them on yoube
  • put your content in your pages
  • create a sitemap using a plugin or creat a page for it
  • install your plug-ins. You should have a list of them ready before the building of the site starts. we recommend using 6-12 at the most.
  • reserve your name on social media sites – even if your not using straightaway
  • test it on different browsers – ask your friends, family and co-workers to look at it well.
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