Broken Stats

Turn off your stats (analytics) and boost your traffic

Your probably reading this headline “Turn off your stats (analytics) boost your traffic” and think its wrong.

Broken StatsI would like to share a story with you that at first glance may sound counter intuitive about how to generate more traffic. Recently a client who self-manages their own web site with us accidentally turned off their website analytics and the following events happened.

  • Web site traffic went to zero and the client assume it was latest Google Humming-bird update. They had seen my post about it.  (See this post and podcast about humming-bird)
  • So client furiously started to generate meaningful content for the effected site.
  • The stats still kept reading zero after all their efforts.
  • So repeated and sustained their content production for a few more weeks.
  • Out of frustration they asked our support team what was going wrong with their site.
    • Our answer was “your content is great” and you are following the principles we teach here and the number 1 rule “Regular Content = Regular Traffic”.
    • Once we logged into the site we saw the statics for ourselves we noticed the miss configuration.After all we visited the site a number of times and the stats (a.k.a analytics) where still reading zero.
    • We fixed their problem and waited 48 hours to check stats again. Their traffic was “back”
  • The client as a result of their “Mad I Have No Visitors Panic” created not only new relevant content but they also started building a back catalogue of content.
  • Not only did it boost their traffic past normal levels they in effect gave themselves a kick in the pants and started following the program we set down for them.
    We have a “Website Bootcamp” if your interested in becoming a power-user. Enlist here

The moral of the story is just for a couple of months (or weeks) and  try to stop looking at your stats and analytics. Why not make the assumption that nobody likes you and work harder than ever to “Go the extra-mile” to a have the self-discipline to generate great content on a regular basis.

I end this post with the words of the most wise Napoleon Hill – Business Guru

“Direct your Thoughts, Control your emotions and Ordain (obtain) your destiny !”

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