World Time

How operate on Internet Time

“Internet Time” is an old term that hat originated during the late-1990s Internet (dotcom) boom.

The interesting thing we are now seeing this phrase being used again and it is making a comeback.

“Internet Time” put simply means business is not  just 9am-5pm 5 days a week,  Everything moves faster on the ‘net’ because the Internet makes the dissemination of information (and meme’s) far easier and cheaper.

It was commonly thought that the “Internet” operated at 4x (four times) the pace of the real-world. It is our opinion that effect is now reaching into the “Real World” and business need to be ready for the change of pace.

I have a few suggestions to help keep up with the pace.

  1. Using the scheduling system in WordPress to publish you content in advance of when they are required.
  2. Set a distinct email address like ( for your most important communication that your need to see immediately.
    Then have you email pushed to your phone in real time (or near real-time for iphone users).
  3. Create templates to respond to messages faster and more professionally.
  4. Watch this video from TED from David Pogue: 10 top time-saving tech tips


I hope you enjoy these time saving tips every bit helps.

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