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At we wanted to do things a little differently so when we put together our simple package that allows you to create an immediate web presence, we also wanted to take it a step further and teach you how you can grow your website simply and easily as your needs grow and change. To that end, we came up with our 4 week Bootcamp concept and we made it FREE. This four week course can be attended in the comfort of your own home or office (using Skype) and will teach you:

  • Wk1 Preparing 4 Battle (Basics & Domains)
  • Wk2 Planning Phase (Content & Features)
  • Wk3 Execution Time (Building & System)
  • Wk4 Occupation (Marketing & Money)

The next Bootcamp course starts on: Monday - 7th April 2014 8pm (Brisbane Time) 7pm (AEDT)

Bootcamp Enlist

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